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Glenview Doors® Collections
Steel and Glass Interior Doors - Modern Interior Glass Doors - French Interior Custom Doors, Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska

Steel & Glass Interior Doors – Glenview Doors® Modern Collection - Model: STL-W3-In-Stock

Single - Narrow (In-Stock)

Steel & Glass Interior Door STL-W3 in-Stock in Nebraska
STL-W3-30-STOCK Steel Interior Door
Single - Narrow (In-Stock), Quick-Ship
Unit: 32 x 96"

Double - Narrow (In-Stock)

Steel & Glass Interior Door STL-W3-DD in-Stock in Nebraska
STL-W3-29x94-DD-STOCK Steel Interior Door
Double - Narrow (In-Stock), Quick-Ship
Unit: 60 x 96"
Door Corner Sample


The specially designed shape of the profiles, the highest quality galvanised steel, and the 2 mm wall of the steel profiles make it possible to produce exceptionally thin door frames without compromising durability, and lasting for decades

Types of Fittings Available

Steel handle
(1-point lock, opened only with a handle)

Steel Door Handle - Modern handle
Steel Door Handle - Square handle

Glass Available

Clear glass

Steel & Glass Interior Door Installation

  • General Instructions
  • Installer and Builder Information
  • Installation Tools
  • Wall Opening Preparation
  • How to Determine Unit Size Base on Your Finished Opening
  • Installing Door Frame
Steel & Glass Interior Door Installation»

Hand Crafted Steel Interior Doors Made to Astonish

Steel and Glass Interior Doors by Glenview Doors will transform the inside of your home. Timelessly sleek and elegant, these handcrafted steel interior doors using narrow steel stiles and rails to achieve you desired minimalistic aesthetic. Crafted using the finest steel and finished by powder coating, these steel doors are as strong as they are elegant.

European Craftsmanship in Your Home

At Millard Lumber, we only settle for the best: this collection is hand welded and perfectly molded by the most skilled and seasoned European craftsmen, ensuring that your project lasts for life. No matter your needs, these steel and glass interior doors are custom fitted to your exact specifications, so rest easy knowing that your dream door can be a reality with us.